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March 17, 1959 in Regina, Sk a little girl was born to Immigrant parents. She grew up very poor. Her father was a Holocaust Survivor, always working hard to make ends meet, very loving and never witnessed the abuse she had to endure at the hands of the birth mother. She never felt any love from her mother.

    She was bullied and beat up at school. She had very few friends. She attended church 5 days a week and babysat her younger sibling while the birth mother was working.

Never acknowledged for good done, reprimanded for never doing anything right and punished by the end of an extension cord or numerous wooden spoons broken over her head.

She realized when she was 13years old that she could no longer live in that controlling environment. Her mother was a religious fanatic who; physically, mentally, and emotionally abused her to the point that she felt she had no other option but to run away... Away to where, was unknown. All she knew was she could not take one1 more day in that hell called home.

Her life after consisted of a foster home where she was sexually abused by her foster father, sons, and cousins. What could she do? She had no other option but to stay - all the time plotting to leave the first chance she had.

When she was 15 she became pregnant, had a little girl but gave her away to adoption, refusing to allow the birth mother to raise her – Her birth father then sent her to Israel where she stayed for 6 months.

By the age of 18 she was lured to the streets - where she stayed and survived for 20 years.

The things she saw and experienced she would not wish on her worst enemy.

The streets took advantage of every opportunity to manipulate, control, take advantage of and use her to the point where it almost took her life. Everyone that she met never once had HER best interest at heart.

She  was lied to, forced into prostitution and eventually, addicted to hard intravenous drugs; used and abused.  This became the normal way to live - life on the streets - a cold heartless place for this little girl to be... Which hell was worse??

The last straw was when, at the age of 37 this little girl decided she did not want to continue living that life. She tried to leave her pimp. He overdosed her - trying to kill her.


After 5 days in the hospital this little girl was saved AGAIN - took the steps necessary and began her healing journey through recovery.

Its’ been a long 21 years. She is still on her healing path,  - still learning how to live,  - and now with the help of a few strong spiritual friends, a positive support system, as well as her belief in God, she is slowing mending her wounds.

Will there every be a happily ever after for this little girl??

The story isn’t  over… The pages continue to turn and new chapters have been written for the better.

She’s learned to love herself - and not search for the love of outsiders. She learned that SHE is the only one in control of her journey and she has to make choices every day to better herself.. Her journey isn’t over; its just begun. She hasn’t come this far to give up now but will make it as long as she takes it... ONE DAY AT A TIME...

She will do what she can and God will take care of the rest.

She is now the Executive Director for All Nations Healin’ Thru Artz, which she founded in 2008.

The past 9 years have been quite the journey for her which has had its trials and obstacles, but with the help of a great board of directors and good colleagues supporting her and the after school program, she has flourished in so many ways. And with the continued support of the community and funders ‘THE SKY IS THE LIMIT!’


Lilian Piapot

RIP Elder Dick Byrd

- passed February 18, 2018

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