About Us

All Nations Healin’ Thru Artz!

Since December 2008 All Nations Healin’ Thru Artz (ANHTA) has been providing free after-school employment and life skills training through artistic training. All programs encourage regular attendance with the goal of learning, practicing and perfecting the work to the the point worthy of public presentation or performance. In April of each year the work of the participants has been showcased in a final performance and art show at the Regina Performing Arts Center.


These shows are an important aspect of the program because they give the participants something to work toward as they prepare for the chance to impress their friends and family members with their performances and displays of the art that they have worked so hard to perfect during the year. While always rooted in ideals of social development, three years ago the focus of the program shifted to ensure that youth engagement and the building of employment skills in a cultural context that builds positive First Nations self identity became the overarching focus for programming.


Life skills programming is now a quarter of the program and all activities are related back to employment readiness to encourage participation in the workforce. The project has been funded since 2008 by a combination of Federal, Provincial and City of Regina grants. In December of 2014 ANHTA became a charitable corporation under the CRA. The organization has a stable staff and workshop leaders, the majority of whom have been working with ANHTA since 2008.

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